Must Try Natural Treatments to Try at Your Skin Care Clinic

15 March 2017
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Skin care clinics generally bring to mind dermatologist visits and, for some, a very unrelaxing experience. The truth is, there is an increasing number of dermatologists that are creating natural and organic skin care clinics that not only offer the basics, but also reach out to offer a more spa-like and relaxing experience. If your dermatologist has mentioned this option to you, there are some must try natural treatments you may want to ask them about trying. Each has their own benefits for your skin, is organic, and offers a form of relaxation and rejuvenation as well.

Vitamin C Brightening Treatment

If you have looked into using serums lately, then you know the power of Vitamin C in various serum and lotion options. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants which help to remove dull skin cells as well as rejuvenate the skin and help brighten the area. You may also notice benefits of your pores tightening and minor lines and wrinkles fading. You can get all of these benefits with the use of a Vitamin C Brightening Treatment. The treatment starts with a facial massage and cleansing that may last for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The Vitamin C is introduced to your skin during the massage. At the end of the massage, your face will be cleansed and an enriched lotion will be placed on your skin to help moisturize the area.

Essential Oil Steam Facial

There are certain essential oils, that in pure uncut form, can benefit your skin greatly. When you add these oils to steam, you are not only opening your pores, you are also introducing the oils for the various benefits they bring. Many skin care clinics offer choices of essential oils based on your needs. For example, if you are having issues with acne you may be offered a tea tree and lavender oil steam facial. If you are worried about dull skin, you may be ordered an orange blossom based essential oil steam facial. These facials last for at least half an hour and are followed by a cleansing massage and moisturizer.

Organic Charcoal  Peel Face Mask

You can purchase charcoal face masks in most beauty stores, but if it is not truly organic you could end up with further issues on your skin. Also, most of these store bought options are listed as organic, but that refers to the charcoal and not necessarily the base that creates the peel off effect of the mask. When you get this treatment in a skin clinic, you are assured the entire mask if organic. If you are referred by your dermatologist for this mask, you can also ensure that there are no ingredients that could cause further issues with your skin.  The mask is usually painted on your face and left to dry. During this time you may get a body massage, hot rock massage, or other therapy session. The mask is then peeled off and the face is cleaned to remove in residual amounts of the mask. This facial reduces pores, cleans, and removes blackheads and other skin issues.

These are only three of the treatments that are considered must try skin clinic options. For more options, with a hint of relaxation, consult with your dermatologist regarding your specific facial and skin care needs.