CT scan vs MRI: Which scan is best for injured patients?

19 May 2017
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"No more exploratory surgery thanks to innovative medical technology!" At least that's what doctors can say nowadays after years of research finally paid off in the field of medicine. Nowadays, your doctor doesn't have to check for tumours or internally damaged tissues using surgical methods and other body invasive techniques. Thanks to scanning technology, all your interior tissue problems can be seen and diagnosed appropriately without the doctor having to cut you open. Read More 

5 Ways to Stop Eye Discomfort After Swimming

9 May 2017
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It may come as a surprise that the main cause of eye problems after swimming is uncleanliness. Many people believe their discomfort stems from a high chlorine level in the pool, but this is far from the truth. While chlorine does play a part in eye pain and dryness after swimming, the real culprit is chloramines. Chloramines are produced when chlorine reacts with other substances in the pool, such as bacteria, sweat, and ammonia from urine. Read More 

Sound and Vision: Why Regular Hearing Tests Should be Standard

26 April 2017
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Most people rely on the major senses every day.  That much is obvious,  but less obvious is the fact that you ought to keep track of how those senses are deteriorating.  It's natural that your sight and hearing will fade over the course of your life.  That's just a part of being human, and the health industry has crafted a wide variety of solutions for dealing with that process.  However, it can be a fuss to schedule tests and dedicate time to them. Read More 

Physiotherapy to recover from dance injuries

5 April 2017
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Dance is a great way to stay fit and get exercise, but it can also be hard on the body. If you do get an injury, it is very important to get physiotherapy afterwards to ensure that you still have the same flexibility and range of motion that you are used to as a dancer. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your physiotherapy. Read More 

Medical Advice for Australians Travelling to Papua New Guinea

23 March 2017
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Government advice states that Australians need to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Papua New Guinea. This frequently comes down to the violence that flares up in certain parts of the country and because of crimes, such as car-jacking, which tend to be focussed on overseas travellers. However, the country has much to offer visitors so long as they take sensible precautions. This includes medical matters which require some thought before you travel. Read More