Follow These Tips For Preventing a Sunburn

23 June 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

One of the most painful things you can have on your skin is a sunburn. Whether you are prone to them or not, being out in the direct sunlight does put you at risk for getting a sunburn. Here are some tips for preventing one.

Wear Sun-Protective Fabrics

You might think that simply covering up your body when you are outdoors on a hot day is enough to prevent sunburn, but not always. There are certain fabrics that are better for blocking out the sun's harsh UV rays and keeping your skin from burning. Avoid anything with a loose weave, as there is typically room for sun to get in and burn parts of your skin. This is also true of lighter fabrics. Instead, look for darker fabrics and those with a tight weave, along with materials like denim that provide excellent sun protection. If you are wearing something you can see through when holding it up to light, it is not going to protect you from the UV rays.

Be Careful On Overcast Days

A common mistake made by people is when they go out on an overcast day, feel that it isn't too hot, and don't bother covering up or fail to wear sunscreen. This is a big mistake that might cause you to get a bad sunburn. Having clouds covering the midday sun does not mean that sun can't burn you just as easily as if the clouds were nowhere in sight. You still need to practice skin protection by wearing sunscreen, as well as protecting your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses.

Understand That Water Doesn't Protect You

If you are planning on swimming in the pool, lake, or ocean, don't avoid using sunscreen because you think being underwater will prevent the sun from burning your skin. If anything, you are even more prone to burning while in the water. When you are in the water during the day, the sun can reflect off the water and cause a burn much more quickly and severely. You may not notice it right away, but a few hours after being indoors, your skin suddenly burns and you look like a lobster. Make sure you are using waterproof sunscreen and reapplying it every few hours to prevent sunburn.

If you do get a burn, visit your local medical centre to have it treated. They can provide a good topical ointment that takes care of the burn and helps to avoid blistering.